Hunstanton Beach Getting the Best Photos

Hunstanton Beach Getting the Best Photos; if you are looking for great coastal photographs then Hunstanton Beach will offer you the opportunity to get some great shots.

When is the best time to photograph Hunstanton Beach?

There is no best time to go to the beach to get some great photos, but it’s always good to try and get along when there are less people around. The height of summer during the day is obviously not the best time as waiting for people to move out of shot will have you there for ages and you’re bound to have someone in the distance that will ruin the shot. For this reason you will need to be there early morning or late evening and dusk which will give you the added benefit of some great early or late light and warm light from the sun if you get a sunrise or sunset.

I went in March and a 2 hour drive meant that I would be looking at midday, not the best time and with a dull cloudy slightly rainy day it is the ideal place to still get some great photos. Although it was pretty chilly there were still people around walking dogs and getting fresh air but not enough to mean it was difficult to get a shot as they soon moved out of frame.

Getting the best photos of Hunstanton Beach.Hunstanton Beach Norfolk

Hunstanton beach has some fantastic rock formations, both in the cliffs themselves and the unique patterned formations of the rocks on the beach and ocean. If the tide is in then you will find most of this is submerged so you need to make sure that the tide is going to be out when you arrive.

A good landscape photo is not just about going wide and getting everything in, it’s also about being selective and finding views and zooming in to capture elements of the view, a shot of the cliffs and stones, a shot of a few stones, looking at patterns in the stones and sand, wrecks and drift wood and other elements.

Shooting angles:

Look at the angles that you shoot at, don’t be afraid to get dirty, by that I mean getting on your knees or low to the ground and getting in close on rock pools and where the horizon sits in the photo. Shooting a third beach and two thirds sky can give a much more creative and spectacular shot than the shot that is 50/50%.

Don’t forget your horizons need to be straight, the sea does not slope to one side, some cameras even have a level in them to make sure you have a straight horizon.


All tutorials about apertures refer to using f8 – f16 – f22 when shooting landscapes to make sure you get more depth of field and all in focus, which is correct but using a smaller aperture like F5.6 can give a stronger image when you are framing up rocks and patterns and letting the background go out of focus.

I hope that helps and you get some great shots.

Happy Shooting

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