How to take better frost photos with a mobile

‘How to take better frost photos with a mobile’. I have started putting together some videos on how to take better photos with a mobile phone and these tips are more about framing a photo and being creative with your mobile but it is also are relevant to taking shots with any camera.

Better frost photos using a mobile phone.

We have always got our mobile phones with us so we have no excuse not to take photos on a lovely frosty morning, but its not just about a lovely white frosty landscape, tight cropped photos can also look amazing.

Getting in close to a tree stump, a spiders web and capturing the icy frosty crystals in your photos can create some really cool shots. I have added a video below so you can see what I mean, these frost photos were all taken within a 5 meter area, I pulled up in a lay-by next to a field where there were some logs and just looked around for some shots.

The video shows how to take better frost photos on a mobile and the shots in the video are taken on a mobile. The shots I have added on the page are from a DSLR where you can see the difference, but mobile cameras are very good these days, so it will show yow just what you can get

Watch the video ‘Creative Frost Photography Using a Mobile Phone’

Frosty Photos Mobile and DSLR

Frosty Photos Mobile and DSLR

Frosty Leaves Photo Mobile and DSLR