Friday Night at Chilfest is always a good night for me with last year having some great Soul and funk artists form the 80’s.   Heather Small and Snake Davis at Chilfest 2016 This year again did not disappoint with a line-up of Aswad, Heather Small supported by an amazing saxophonist called ‘Snake Davis’ and […]
Aswad at Chilfest 2016, although my ears are still ringing as I forgot my ear plugs! I was lucky enough to photograph Aswad at Chilfest 2016. They are a formidable band with a thumping base line that I am sure vibrated me a few feet from where I was originally standing in the pit front […]
The Soul Man Summer Breeze Corfu 2016, the Soul Man has become a regular artist at the Summer Breeze Music Festival in Corfu with this year his 3rd year at the event. The Soul Man Summer Breeze Corfu 2016 The Soul Man is a much liked artist from Bedfordshire who gigs on a regular basis […]
Photograph of the Book Steps in Venice by Paul Hodson Photo-Images     The Book Steps Venice, a unique find! I would like to say that this was a unique find but I would be lying as I had researched places prior to my trip to Venice that would be great to photograph and did […]
Photographing nature can be an amazing thing to do and finding a beach full of seals was an ‘Amazing Site’. Photographing Seals in Norfolk After spotting a loan seal off Hemsby beach a chance conversation with the man on the great little fresh crab stall pointed me in the direction of Horsey. He told me […]
The new Twitter profile is so much better and larger than before, displaying much more information and giving far better branding opportunities. What is the new Twitter header size? The recommended dimensions for the new Twitter Header is 1500 x 500 pixels and a maximum size of 5MB. Be sure to save your image at […]