Book Steps Venice

Photograph of the Book Steps in Venice by Paul Hodson Photo-Images



The Book Steps Venice, a unique find!

I would like to say that this was a unique find but I would be lying as I had researched places prior to my trip to Venice that would be great to photograph and did most of my searching using Google images and found an interesting photo of the book steps.

The Book Steps – Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice

So where are the Book Steps? Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice at the back of a bookshop is where you will find the book steps. The shop is laid back slightly from the front of the other shops down this narrow walkway so you may walk passed it at first. It is laid back with a small court yard in-front of it.

What to Expect.

The book shop is large and messy and I would be amazed that the friendly, comedionic owner can even find anything there. As expected the books are all pretty much Italian and there are lots of architect drawings of Venice amongst other things mixed in with the books, some quite cool stuff!!
To get to the book steps you have to manoeuvre around a gondola in the middle of the narrow shop that is crammed with books and the book to the back of the shop and a small yard area that backs on to the canal. Don’t expect something truly amazing, but its unique and a great photo opportunity and I think worth the visit.

Book Steps Venice Italy